Enjoying the view from the Great Ledge

Why Join The Redding Land Trust?


Open space and all that it means is probably one of the reasons you moved to Redding in the first place.  Maybe you are a frequent user of our 60-plus miles of well-maintained trails and your donation is a way of saying thanks to the volunteers who keep them that way. Perhaps you’ve found a favorite picnic spot in one of our meadows or just enjoy the many views of open space visible from Redding’s roads that wouldn’t be there were it not for the Land Trust. Maybe your child returned from school excited about an outreach program sponsored by the Land Trust.


Don’t let that change. For whatever reason you join, you are our backbone, helping us to preserve the open space of Redding and its surrounding communities and to pass on the lessons of environmental awareness to the next generation.


We’ve just past our 50th Anniversary Year—a good time to join if you haven’t already. If you are a long-time member, consider increasing your donation in recognition of the Land Trust’s half century of acquiring and preserving open space. Help our town keep its well-deserved recognition as Redding ~ The Open Space Place. (Remember: Land Trust memberships make excellent birthday and anniversary gifts, teacher thanks–and are a great way to honor a loved one.)


Part of the anniversary celebration was this visual love letter from one of our members, Paul Shapiro. Enjoy a virtual visit to Redding’s woods, fields and streams…



White tailed deer
(odocoileus virginianus)


. . .


Contact Us if you would like to receive news from the Land Trust. Go to Our Properties for information on becoming a trail tender and to Giving to learn how you can contribute to Redding Land Trust.




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