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Go with Redding Land Trust on a hosted hike, attend our summer fundraiser, become a Trail Tender, sign up for our email list, get emails about volunteering, the list goes on. However you want to get involved, we want you on board. Questions or ideas? Email us at

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Make a donation

Become a trail tender


The 60 miles of well-maintained and well-marked trails that wind through some of our most spectacular properties are taken care of by a team of volunteers known as the Trail Tenders. Armed with chainsaws and clippers and cans of paint for blazing trees, the Trail Tenders make it possible for walkers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the hundreds of acres of open space the Land Trust has saved over the past 50 years. They clear away storm-downed trees, build simple bridges, and construct wooden walkways where the going is rough or marshy.

If you are interested in working on our trails alongside other volunteers, please get in touch with our lead Trail Tender Stuart Green at He is always happy to add new workers to his list and welcomes reports of hiking conditions!


Interested in volunteering? Sign up for our Volunteer Email List to learn about upcoming opportunities!

donate land

If you are interested in learning about the type of land donations you can make, please email us as to get in touch.


Your support allow us to:

  • Steward our over 2,000 acres of property, including clearing trails after storms and blazing new ones

  • Mow meadows annually to support important wildlife habitats and preserve Redding’s beautiful vistas

  • Work to control invasive species that are overtaking land in Redding

  • Address encroachments on Redding Land Trust property and easements to fulfill land donors’ visions

  • Assist those who wish to donate land and partner with other organizations to purchase critical parcels

  • Share in the cost of an employee with the town, who is responsible for managing Redding’s open space lands

  • Maintain our national accreditation, ensuring that our stewardship of your donations and our open lands is aligned with national best practices

  • Support education programs and an annual scholarship for an ecologically minded high-school senior with the Mary Anne Guitar Scholarship for Environmental Education