Introduction to the Fifth Edition

It’s been 14 years since the fourth edition of The Book of Trails was published. It has since become a staple in homes across Redding. A green-covered treasure trove of maps and information about the trails around Redding.

What has changed since that last book made its debut? Well the Internet for one. Most folks turn to the web when searching for information, and the Book of Trails has been notably absent. A second and much more exciting change is the expansion of trails and protected land throughout Redding and neighboring towns. The Redding Land Trust alone has surpassed 2,000 acres of land, living up to its mission: Dedicated to protecting Redding’s woods, meadows, wetlands and vistas for the benefit of our town’s residents and visitors, our wildlife and natural resources, and for future generations.

Preserving Redding’s land is an ongoing effort that involves acquiring important parcels, maintaining and preserving our lands and making them accessible to our community wherever possible. When the Redding Land Trust was incorporated 50 years ago our mission was “the preservation of the natural resources of the Town of Redding.” We had no idea how far-reaching that commitment would be. We have been active partners with Town and State governments to save open space, joining forces with other conservation groups and achieving accreditation to ensure our approach is in step with best practices.

The dawn of the 21st century has brought technological innovation, but our collective desire to enjoy the sights and sounds of our natural world remain. Enjoy all that Redding has to offer!

Silvia Erskine and Gordon Loery
Redding Land Trust 


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