Redding Land Trust was founded in 1965 by passionate, forward-thinking volunteers with a simple goal:
Preserve the natural beauty of Redding, Connecticut.

Today the Redding Land Trust is the steward of more than 2,000 acres of open space, peaceful woodlands and wetlands, splashing streams and quiet ponds, and sweeping vistas across open meadows — all kept protected for generations to come.

We couldn’t have done it without those who have put their land in trust with us over the decades; without the hundreds of Redding citizens who donate money each year so we can fulfill our mission of preserving the natural areas of Redding and adjoining towns; and without the dozens of volunteers who clear and maintain more than 60 miles of trails that wind through some of the most beautiful scenery in Connecticut.

Our mission

Redding Land Trust is dedicated to protecting Redding’s woods, meadows, wetlands, and vistas for the benefit of our town’s residents and visitors, our wildlife and natural resources, and for future generations.

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