Financial Donations

Like all nonprofit volunteer organizations, Redding Land Trust relies on contributions to care for our more than 2,000 acres of land. Donations from members help us pay for surveys, appraisals and insurance. They allow us to mow our fields, clear existing trails and blaze new ones — and help us purchase and preserve more open space when properties go on the market. In addition, the Redding Land Trust pays half the expense of Redding’s Open Space Manager who oversees all open space in Redding.

Redding Land Trust is recognized by the IRS as a qualifying nonprofit organization (501c3). As such, gifts made to the land trust are tax deductible.

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The Land Trust is recognized by the IRS as a qualifying non-profit organization (501c3). As such, all gifts to the Trust are tax deductible.

Gifts of Land

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There are a number of ways one can donate land to the Redding Land Trust, some of the most common are listed below. To find out more about these, and the significant tax benefits they provide a donor, contact us at

Outright Gift of Land
Put simply, the Land Trust takes title to the property–it’s called “transfer in fee simple”–assuming full ownership and accepting the care and responsibility for the land in its natural state in perpetuity.

Gift of Future Ownership
The donor retains use and possession of the land during his or her lifetime. Redding Land Trust would become the owner upon the donor’s death or other named event.

Conservation Easement
The landowner retains legal title to the land but gives up development and/or other rights agreed upon by the owner and the Land Trust. The owner may sell the property but the restrictions are binding on future owners. The tax reduction is equal to the reduction in value of the land caused by the existence of the easement.

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Additional Gifts

You can provide in your will for any of the methods discussed above, all of which will provide generous tax advantages to your heirs.

Gift Matching Program
If your employer has a Gift Matching Program, your donation produces double value to the Redding Land Trust.

Appreciated Securities 
Gifts of Appreciated Securities are a particularly advantageous way to benefit the Redding Land Trust and avoid your liabilities for any tax on the appreciation of value.  You are entitled to a current tax deduction for the full market value and never have to pay capital gains taxes on the increase in value.  

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