Drummer Lane Yovan Tract


Redding Land Trust




Drummer Lane, 0.5 mile from Gallows Hill Road


Off road near entrance, limited


Loop, 0.5 mile, connecting trail to Gallows Hill Natural Area

Background: The Land Trust acquired this property from George Yovan Jr. in connection with his Drummer Lane subdivision. The property was originally part of the old Costello farm, from which the Redding Country Club was also taken.

Key Features: From the entrance, the trail ascends gradually through second- growth hardwoods to a high, rocky point (via a short side trail) overlooking a fine expanse of laurel and, in winter, a distant view. The main loop passes through two handsome groves of beech trees before descending over rocks to rejoin the entrance trail. Delicate flowers can be seen in early spring along the path. In season, flowering dogwood, witch hazel, mountain laurel and Christmas ferns make the walk especially attractive. For a longer walk, look for the connector (marked "Drummer Trail") to the Gallows Hill Natural Area. ❧