The Peter and Nell Fitzpatrick Preserve and Jean's Trail


Redding Land Trust




Off Wayside Lane, 0.3 mile east of Umpawaug Road


At entrance, very limited


Fitzpatrick, 0.8 mile; Jean's, 0.22; Link, 0.41

Background: The Fitzpatricks donated this wooded and ferny property to the Trust in June of 1974, as a subdivision setaside.

Key Features:The short but varied trail crosses a brook and swampy area, leads to a short, rocky descent, and loops back to the entrance through open woods. A variety of wild flowers can be found throughout this pleasant area. Moreover, the Fitzpatrick loop serves as a take-off to two major trails, the Link segment of the Saugaway and Raccoon Lane via Jean's Trail (named for Mark Twain's daughter, who died in Redding).
Jean's Trail branches off the east side of the Fitzpatrick loop and joins Raccoon Lane directly opposite an entrance to Captain Stormfield Trail. On the Captain's trail, all of Stormfield lies ahead. On Raccoon Lane, the Link lies ahead, taking the hiker back to Wayside via the Fitzpatrick loop. ❧