Lotte Fields Bequest


Redding Land Trust




George Hull Hill Road at Saugatuck River


At bridge, limited


None marked
Background: In late 2014, the Redding Land Trust was suprised to learn they'ed inherited almost 22 acres straddling the Saugatuck River in West Redding. The New York Public Library was even more surprised, as they learned that the same will had left them $6 million. She simply loved to read, and we imagine her sitting in her house on George Hull Hill, reading and enjoying the woods that are now available for all to enjoy. In addition, the Davis Museum at Wellesley College, Ms Fields alma mater, received 123 works of art, including an impressionist landscape by Alfred Sisley and a Degas bronze.

Key Features: Follow the right bank of the Saugatuck River after it flows under George Hull Hill Road. Where the river makes a sharp right turn, there's an idyllic spot with dappled sunlight, tufts of grass, and an old stone wall along the river. A few hundred feet of Centennial Watershed State Forest separates this spot from the Poliak Pond trails. ❧