Marchant Farm


Redding Land Trust


9.6 plus easements


Charlie Hill Road And Turnaround; Topstone Road


At entrances (Topstone limited)


Blackman's Brook (white) 0.4 mile;
Blackman's Brook (blue), 0.2;
Connector (white), 0.2

Background: A setaside from a large subdivision, this brookside woodland was deeded to the Land Trust in May 1991.

Key Features: Blackman's Brook Trail, the northernmost segment of Westway, begins off Charlie Hill Road, just south of Marchant Road. The trail crosses below a stone dam that holds back the waters of Blackman's Pond, and continues south. On high, dry ground, the trail provides good views of this attractive watercourse A number of impressive oaks mark the way. The trail crosses and recrosses the brook, then picks up blue blazes for the rest of its way to Topstone Road.
Shortly after the second brook crossing, white blazes strike west on the Westway Connector to the Steichen Preserve's Huckleberry Swamp. ❧