Joan Plishner Wildlife Preserve

Redding Land Trust
End of Bartram Road
(off Lonetown Road)
At entrance, limited
Double loop, 1.3 miles
Trail App
Plishner Preserve Loop Trail
Loop Cut off

Background: This preserve was given to the Land Trust in 1973 by Paul Plishner and his wife. They loved the land, frequently walked it on their own trails, and did not wish to see it developed.

Key Features: The land is mostly open woods, with a small pond, interesting rocks, and a fine old beech tree at a turn of the trail. At one point, the trail passes close to Putnam State Park, and a short side path leads directly into the park. A new loop off the original trail now extends farther into the Bethel section, circling the area close to the boundary and rejoining the earlier trail near the pond. Terrain varies from low and damp to rocky, high and dry. The open nature of the woods encourages the bloom of early spring flowers. ❧