The Saugatuck Trail (formerly the Reservoir Trail)


Centennial Watershed State Forest


Glen Road (Route 53) just north of Saugatuck causeway

Off road, near entrance, limited


4.5 miles to Davis Hill Road in Weston; about 2 miles to Redding-Weston town line at Route 53

Side Trail

Approximately 0.4 mile link to Pinchbeck Trail to Great Ledge and Devil's Den.

Background: This trail was originally laid out by Bridgeport Hydraulic Company and is now maintained by the Conservation Land Committee.

Key Features: Look for a sharp left turn soon after entering the north end of the trail, and follow the signs to avoid confusion with well-worn fishermen's trails.
This is a good trail to walk on a hot day, as the entire section to Dayton Road is through cool, open hemlock woods, with some of the trees of almost "cathedral" proportions. There are handsome rocks and cliffs, masses of ferns, brooks and cascades (some with little wooden bridges over them), and frequent glimpses of the reservoir through the trees. There are also several steep ascents.
After emerging from the hemlock forest, the trail goes through varied beech, tulip, maple and other mixed woods. A glacial moraine is noticeable alongside one section. Toward the southern end of the trail are groves of laurel.
A word of caution: after coming out on Valley Forge Road (see map), traveling south, the trail picks up again about 100 feet west.
A varied and scenic trail any time of the year.

Note: The side trail leaves the Reservoir Trail before the latter crosses Tudor Road, then makes a gradual ascent to Dayton Road opposite the entrance to Pinchbeck Trail. ❧