Town of Redding, Redding Land Trust,
Connecticut Audubon Society


Consult map here and for individual units.


Charlie Hill Road off Marchant Road; off Peaceable Street, and-though extremely limited-near trail/ road crossings in between


In sequence north to south (all blazed white);

Blackman's Brook (in Marchant Farm), 0.4 mile; Connector to Steichen Preserve, 0.2; in Steichen Preserve to Topstone Road, 0.3; Saddleback (Topstone Park), 1.02; The Swamp (in Windy Hill), 0.6; Joan's (Rock Lot and Scott Preserve), 1.75.

In addition, Westway traverses Topstone Road for about 0.1, Old Redding Road for less than 0.1, and Seventy Acre Road for 0.2

Total Westway length: approximately 4.6 miles

Background: Westway is Redding's third-and longest-"long" trail. The long trails trace greenway corridors along ridgetop or stream valley (the other two being the Saugaway in the Saugatuck River valley, and Little River North, in the valley of that river.) The trailway runs from Marchant Road in the West Redding area to Peaceable Street just a hop and a skip from Branchville, skewering on its way three open space properties of the Land Trust, two Town tracts, and a preserve owned by Connecticut Audubon Society

Key Features: For details of trail segments, please refer to trail segment pages. ❧