2018 Annual Appeal


November 2018

Dear Neighbor,

How do you enjoy Redding’s open lands? An occasional walk in the woods? A nature scavenger hunt with the kids? A pleasant drive down a tree-lined road? A quiet contemplation spot? A pristine view from your house?

However you experience our community’s protected woodlands, waterways, meadows and vistas, the Redding Land Trust and our conservation partners rely on you to support our efforts. We deeply appreciate the support that town residents like you have provided to the land trust in our more than fifty years serving the community. You are a critical partner in our efforts, and we hope you are able to enjoy the fruits of those efforts in your own way. And we humbly ask that you support us this year with a tax-deductible donation.

Your contributions allow us to:

  • Steward our 1,800+ acres of property, including clearing trails after storms and blazing new ones

  • Mow meadows annually to support important wildlife habitats and preserve Redding’s beautiful vistas

  • Work to control invasive species that are overtaking land in Redding

  • Address encroachments on Redding Land Trust property and easements to fulfill land donors’ visions

  • Assist those who wish to donate land and partner with other organizations to purchase critical parcels

  • Share in the cost of an employee with the town, who is responsible for managing Redding’s open space lands

  • Maintain our national accreditation, ensuring that our stewardship of your donations and our open lands is aligned with national best practices

  • Support education programs and an annual scholarship for an ecologically minded high-school senior with the Mary Anne Guitar Scholarship for Environmental Education

Why does open space matter?

  • The Redding Land Trust and the Redding Conservation Commission have long prioritized acquiring wetlands and property near watershed to protect the water that percolates into our wells, and to contribute to the clean water in nearby communities

  • Open space provides important habitats for the diverse wildlife that calls Redding home — from birds to bees, foxes to turtles, as well as the plants and trees that are such a hallmark of our town

  • It provides a peaceful environment for exercise, reflection and recreation for residents of all ages

  • The outdoors is a classroom without walls where parents and educators can encourage understanding of our natural world and our place in it

Please consider making a donation and being a part of the stewardship of our Redding lands. We also encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter, where you will receive regular updates on our properties, events and plans. Thank you for your support!

With gratitude,

Silvia Erskine and Gordon Loery
Co-Presidents, Redding Land Trust Board of Trustees

Redding Land Trust is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; gifts are tax-deductible.