The West Ridge

Norwalk River Valley Trail


Marchant Farm

Huckleberry Swamp (The Steichen Preserve)

Windy Hill

Topstone Park

The Rock Lot and the Mary Evelyn Scott Nature Preserve

Essentially a part of the Saugatuck River watershed area, the West Ridge is defined by the ledgy uplands lying to the west of Umpawaug Road. The area contains major aquifers and high-visibility scenic values at Umpawaug Hill.
Six open space units are described here: Marchant Farm, Connecticut Audubon Society's Steichen Preserve (Huckleberry Swamp), Topstone Park, Windy Hill, and the Rock Lot and Mary Evelyn Scott Nature Preserve. The Scott Preserve drains to the Norwalk River. All of these units are linked by Westway, Redding's longest north-south linear trail. ❧